May. 8th, 2016

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Okay, so this fic is Getting Finished. I'm so done with this constant waffling, letting the writer's block win. Just so everyone is aware, there is a massive edit going on in preparation to transfer this story over to AO3 in the near future. I am 20 chapters into that. I would love to have the entire thing done by the time I head to Leviosa Con in July (anyone else going to be there? ^_^ ) but that's too optimistic. I'm predicting anywhere from 5 to 7 more chapters, depending on how each one pans out. A rather momentous shift occured recently in regards to one of the characters, which I will talk more about when I get to it, but it could add a little more meat to the story, so, there we are.

Title: The Road (31/?)
Author: rurounihime
Rating: hard R when all is said and done.
Pairing: H/D
Summary: In the midst of a disintegrating war, Harry awaits the arrival of the Order's last hope.
Warning: violence, character death, spoilers for all seven books. This fic is now AU because of Deathly Hallows. At the risk of much silliness, I have discovered that there are apparently DH spoilers in this story from the beginning.
Disclaimer: The HP characters and most of the spellwork do not belong to me.

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Chapter 31: Strategists and Sirens )


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