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LJ maintenance continues...

Stories now interlinked with my accounts on Skyehawke and AO3 are:

~Harry Potter stories that do not feature H/D as a pairing (OMG, she actually wrote something like this?? I know, I know...)
~Dawn of the Dead fic (just one story)
~The Arrangement Series and its timestamps
~The Marriage Arc
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Hey hey! Various fic progress updates: )

SO. On to my fic!! Finally have a chance to post this. I have been working an AWFUL LOT. But the good news is, I have a little time to write here and there, so fics are getting done slowly. I will probably have a whole bunch of finished ones to post all at once, or something.

Title: The Dead Boy
Author: me
Pairing: not really a pairing, but it stars Draco and Harry(?)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Draco Malfoy visits Harry Potter's grave.
Warning: Character death? Hmmm.

Disclaimer: They aren't mine. But my thoughts on graveyards belong to me. Yes, I do frequent them. ^_^

Also posted on AO3 and skyehawke.


The Dead Boy )


Oct. 14th, 2004 09:05 pm
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The fog here seems to be alive. It is twisting and turning around itself like an endless transparent dragon. Today the fog just rolled down into the place I lived, flowing right over the edge of the drop-off. I love how fog mutes sound and makes me feel like I am the only living breathing thing on this planet. I love the shivers I get when I hear something within the fog, but I have to wait until it reveals itself to my mist-clouded eyes.

Okay. So. Tonight I feel like linking to an older fic I wrote. Sorry guys, not H/D this time. This one's about Lily. One of my first.

Title: Everything Emerald
Author: non-H/D Ru
Rating: PG
Summary: Sometimes one must look through the wave of green in order to truly see.
Warning: depressing.
A/N: link goes to FictionAlley.

Also posted on skyehawke.

I have been told this is a bit AU in one spot, but... eh...

And the green consumes...
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Harry and Draco Drabble...

DISCLAIMER: I don't own these boys. they are JK Rowling's.

Celebration )


Not much else going on right now. House is pretty silent. I stay up entirely too late.


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