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CSI and Highlander fics are done in terms of cross-linking, with the exception of Year Zero (HL), which is awaiting upload on HL Fiction. ^__^

ETA: Fixed!
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Do you guys and dolls have any particular music you associate with the fandoms you follow?

I've kind of been curious about this off and on for a while, seeing as I do (inadvertently) have certain bands or singers that bring to mind specific fandoms every time I hear them.

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Borrowed from [ profile] mishaphappens...

The Works In Progress meme. Open your WIP file and post the names of all your documents, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Feel free to ask about anything and I'll tell you the premise or paste you a tidbit for any of these.

Oh lordy, here we go...

Harry Potter

The Road
The Arrangement series for now...
The Marriage Arc
The Charms Trilogy
Fathers and Sons
The Sheep Whisperer
The Under Fingertips 'verse


Deep as the Wine Dark Sea
Lessons in the Art of Culinary Excellence


untitled fics about Methos

J2 rps

The Zero Sum series

Fics for helpers of Queensland

Three separate stories... O.o

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Wow, been too long since I wrote for the Highlander fandom. I forgot how much I love it. Here is a holiday fic of sorts, even though it really doesn't reference any holidays. Call it a winter fic. ^_^

Title: A Little Bit of Truth
Author: me
Pairing/Fandom: Highlander - Methos/Duncan
Rating: R
Summary: Even older Immortals know how to play the occasional game.
Disclaimer: Duncan, Methos, and the Highlander realm belong to Panzer/Davis. I only claim responsibility and ownership for two original characters.

A/N: Contains spoilers for the television series, starting with "Methos." Major spoilers for the Something Wicked arc, the Comes a Horseman arc, Timeless and Archangel.

Also posted at AO3 and at HL Fiction.


A Little Bit of Truth )


Happy Holidays!
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ALL MY HIGHLANDER FRIENDS... I'm sorry for the wait! Here is another fic for you guys and dolls. ^__^

Title: View From a Window
Author: me
Pairing: Duncan/Methos (Highlander)
Rating: R
Summary: The night is young and Duncan's view stretches inward.
Warning: Future-fic, slightly. A canon character has died in this story, but it is the truth about the passage of time after all. SPOILERS for various episodes after "Methos."

Disclaimer: The Highlander characters do not belong to me. They are the property of Panzer and Davis and I make no money off my little schemes to drown them in angst.

Also posted at AO3 and at HL Fiction.


View From a Window )


Thanks for reading! ♥
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Title: Methos' Mistake
Author: me
Pairing and fandom: Methos/Duncan, Highlander
Rating: hard R
Summary: Methos' latest choice has heavy consequences.
Disclaimer: Duncan, Methos, and the Highlander realm belong to Panzer/Davis. I only claim responsibility and ownership for two original characters.

A/N: Thought I'd post this before I went on vacation... For all who are interested, this is the fic I was griping about earlier. ^_^ This does contain spoilers for the television series so if you haven't seen it yet, beware.

Also posted at AO3 and HL Fiction.


Methos' Mistake )


Whew! Thanks for reading!
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Oh my god. Oh my GOD. What have I done?? *laughs*

Okay, I just HAD to. The concept was SO EASY and it was SO DAMNED OBVIOUS it was smacking me upside the arse and and and... and I couldn't help myself, because I have no self-control and you have to admit, you are curious, you know you've thought about it - if you're familiar with these two fandoms, that is - and it's my first cross-over and I. HAD. TO.


Title: DEATH, Death and Beer... Sorry, Tea
Author: me
Rating: PG-13 for adult themes
Fandoms: Believe it or not, Highlander and Good Omens O.o
Pairing: Pre-slash in there. M/D
Summary: An old friend drops by for libation and philosophy.
Notes: Again, I HAD TO. Some spoilers for Highlander. Anyone know a Highlander comm I can put this up at?

*so curious as to whether anyone will actually read this* Thanks to Fire for putting up with my whack-ness.

Also posted at AO3.


DEATH, Death and Beer... Sorry, Tea )


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