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And a long time coming they are!

Okay, so. Now joining The Fandom Zompocalypse Fic & Art List, we have:

~ 4 new fandom sections (!!!!): Avengers (fic & art), Inception (fic & art), Top Gear (fic) & The Walking Dead (fic list)

~ new community/list links sections for the Harry Potter and Supernatural RPF fandoms

~ new fic links (1 in Merlin BBC, 2 in Dawn of the Dead)

Holy crap. KEEP IT COMING, PEOPLE. (To submit fics/art/etc for this list, please go HERE and follow the submission instructions.)
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Hey guys and dolls! Come on over to my other livejournal and tell me your rules for storytelling! I'm compiling a list of rules from writers AND readers.
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Now presenting...

The Fandom Zompocalypse Fic and Art List!!!!! )
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Do you guys and dolls have any particular music you associate with the fandoms you follow?

I've kind of been curious about this off and on for a while, seeing as I do (inadvertently) have certain bands or singers that bring to mind specific fandoms every time I hear them.

My music list )
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One dark and stormy night, Fire and Ru gathered in an old abandoned house where someone had been murdered long, long ago, and held a seance to determine the horror film aura of each Harry Potter character. Alas, the evil spirits gathered as well and possessed both Fire and Ru, making them argue and fight and get into huge snappish discussions over what the f*** is scary about that? and why the f*** do you think Harry would like this? and what the hell are you talking about, that's not horror, that's sexy-ass bloodsuckers!

Comments by Ru: Fire's not my friend anymore.
Comments by Fire: I hate Ru.

Luckily, the subsequent exorcism worked out rather well, and thus, in the tradition of the HP Drink List and the HP Band List, we bring you... The HP Horror Films List. (dun dun dunnnnnnn)

*Now. We are aware that some of these movies are not considered horror by many people. But we felt they fit enough of the criteria for whatever reason, and besides, it was OUR SEANCE. *grumbles* Should you be curious about any of these titles, we are certain a quick trip to your local IMDB will help immensely.


The HP Horror Films List )
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So. *snerk* [ profile] fireelemental79 and I were chatting again, late last night. Now, the last time we did that, this list popped up.


In the Grand Tradition of the HP Drink List, we bring you the HP Band List. A few added characters, and a lot of WTF going on here.

The HP Band List )
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[ profile] fireelemental79 and I were chatting last night and we began wondering what each HP character would drink in the way of alcoholic beverages.



It was 2 in the F***ING MORNING.

And yes, we KNOW how this makes us sound. *cough cough*


The HP Drink List )


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