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It's high time I did this...

There is so much wonderful artwork for the Harry Potter fandom. The yin to our writer's yang. I just wanted to do a Rec Day where I shared with you some of my favourites. ^_^

*b/w: black and white.
**WS: work-safe

Ahem. First off...

A stunning picture of Harry, by [ profile] lunulet: Harry at the End (in b/w and colour, G, WS). I love the sharpness of this drawing, as well as the rain-glow. So hard to do!


My favourite kiss in H/D, by [ profile] fiendling: A Kiss (PG, WS). Draco's face is so unique here. Actually, his profile reminds me of someone I know. Very pixy-like and ethereal.


Harry and Draco, by [ profile] bluestraggler: A Private Laugh (in several colour tints, PG, WS). I remember my awe when I first came across this one. Harry looks almost mischievous, and Draco... made my little heart patter. The definition of tenderness, right here.


Draco and Ron by cugami: A Photograph (in three sizes, PG, WS). Now, I don't ship Draco/Ron much. But good lord, sometimes... *sigh* This is a beautiful picture. The colour is so warm, the moment so finite. Read through the story that goes along with it. ^_^


MY FAVOURITE PICTURE IN THE FANDOM, by [ profile] wyna_hiros: Dementor Kiss (b/w, R for the scary, WS). This picture nearly stopped my heart. It's perfect in every way. I just couldn't stop gaping at it. To me, this is what a dementor looks like, the epitome of frightening.


Bill Weasley, by [ profile] fiendling: Bill in Egypt (G, WS). OMGHOT. Yeah, I can think of no reason why Fleur wouldn't want to fight for this guy. This is such a gorgeous picture, and it also really captures the essence of the Weasleys, in my opinion.


Harry and Draco, impressionistic, by [ profile] _lile: H/D art (PG-13, WS). This is just an arresting painting. The use of light and shadow is wonderful.


Harry and Draco, watercolour, by [ profile] lillithium: Harry and Draco (G, WS). So much emotion packed into so little space! Oh, this woman is VERY good with a paintbrush. *stares*


A comic, by [ profile] buttfacemakani: Harry vs. Narcissa (b/w, PG, WS). SPOILERS FOR OotP. Now this is just funny. And so Narcissa. *cackle*


Another by [ profile] wyna_hiros: Inferi Paying Their Respects (b/w, R, WS). The main problem (and actually the very first problem) I had with the HP book series was the "death" of Voldemort in book five. I hated the way he came across: all the terror he invoked for me was suddenly absent, and this drawing is just vindication for that loss of a beautiful villain. I could marry this artist.


Harry, by [ profile] joosetta: Dark Harry (scroll down to view, R, NOT WS). The lines and angles and colour in this picture are just riveting. I love the contrast of darkness and light. To me, this also symbolizes Harry's inherent magical power, which is an idea I absolutely love.


Our favourite purebloods, by [ profile] buttfacemakani: The Malfoy Family (G, WS). I fell in love with this one immediately, especially Draco. And Lucius just looks so smug and debonaire. *laughs* The lollipop was an excellent touch.


In the forest, by [ profile] mneomosyne: The Flight of the Prince (PG, WS). SPOILERS FOR HBP. The style reminds me so much of Edward Gorey, one of my favourite artists ever. Very ghostly and slightly off balance. I adore the effect.


Snape and Dumbledore, by [ profile] caladan_dd: Snape and Dumbledore (two sizes, PG-13, WS) MAJOR SPOILERS FOR HBP. Gorgeous use of colour here. Light and dark... The detail is wonderful!


Snarry comic, by [ profile] ac1d6urn: Order of Merlin (NC-17, NOT WS). Again, not my usual ship. But the artwork in this is just stunning. I love the white outlines, and the way the artist utilizes shadow makes the picture look as though it is steeped in candlelight and embedded with magic.


Snape, by [ profile] boadicea: Death Eater (PG, WS). SPOILERS FOR GoF. My favourite picture of Snape ever. Heh, can anyone tell that I have a thing for dark stuff? I love the lines of shading and the eeriness of this pic.


So! Those were some of my faves. There are plenty more; I know that I've left a few of my favourite artists out, and one of my main pairings! There will most likely be another post in the future. So much gorgeous artwork! Can't be contained in one post...

My hat is off to all the wonderful artists of the HP fandom. You guys make our lives richer in colour and emotion. *loves*
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After a long break, it's another rec day. ^_^ My rec choice of today is... JAMIE2109. It's Celebrate Jamie Day!

[ profile] jamie2109 is one of those sweet, unassuming people who just brings light to the fandom every time she posts. She is the keeper of the holy and wondrous Amazing Weekly Drabble Thingy, which is still one of the best ideas to come through fandom in a while. And even with this commitment, she still manages to turn out gorgeous fic in all shapes and sizes. Whether writing on her own or with a buddy, she is very prolific, and thank goodness for that, because it's just lovely.

Now for the recs. Yeah, I'm still not disclaiming anything, so everyone flock to the author's personal warnings and such and don't look at me.

The Jamie List:

(Note: I have chosen not to include the links to her co-authored stories, even though I have favourites in that category too. This list is strictly Jamie.)

Let's start off with a bang.


H/D, rated NC-17

There's just one colour that Harry wants to see, and only one customer who can give it to him. Oh my GUH. This fic. Jeez. Harry is so nicely jaded and this is rough and cracked and searing... There is a little violence that may squick, but the emotional journey is very nice indeed.


It's Not Dying

H/D, rated PG-13

A Muggle disease hits the Wizarding world and Draco's loss is staggering. Oh, ouch. I remember when I first read this one, way back... It packs a punch every time. Be prepared to weep.


Codes of Morality

H/D, 8 parts, rated G - R

Harry has a tried and tested method for turning the loyalties of Voldemort's followers, and he does not deviate, not even for Draco Malfoy. Eek, Darkish!Harry. Lurvely lurvely Darkish!Harry. Draco's pain at being betrayed is vibrant and Harry just sweeps the shadows with his attitude toward life and the pursuit of victory.


This is How My Heart Breaks

H/D, rated R

Poetic and painful. I love the musical metaphor, and Jamie is so good at this type of thing. Again with the excruciating detail and tactile imagery... You can hear and see and feel everything.


And last but not least, my favourite:

Please Don't Ask Me

H/D, 4 chapters, ratings up to R

Harry's married with another baby on the way. But happiness is so much more complicated than that. Oh, heartbreaking. Absolutely heartbreaking. This fic refuses to leave you; it just clings and tightens its hold, and there really is no escape for either the reader or the characters. The descriptions are so frank and specific and caustic, the emotions so damn tangible... This fic is very nearly perfect.


To get more of Jamie, visit her memories HERE. It's Celebrate Jamie2109 Day on Ru's lj!
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Rec day! My choice for today is... WILLYSUNNY. It's Celebrate Willow Day!

[ profile] willysunny sort of snuck up on me. A very unobtrusive writer, she's one of those people who you come across again and again as consistently good at telling a story. You read the fic, sigh happily, look at the author's name again, and go "OMG, duh! Of course it's hers, it's excellent!" Willy's stories are usually short and sweet (or short and angsty), but they nearly always leave me with a sense of "" The way she looks at the HP world through Draco's eyes in particular is wonderful.

The Willy List.

(Hear, hear. No disclaimers here. Hear, hear.)

Firstly, my favorite: A Game Called Life

H/D, R

Harry's got a yen for some make-believe. Oh, this fic. First off, Harry is so cute. And then there's Draco, indulging his lover in what he makes out to be a ho-hum fantasy. This story is so tender and loving, and playful on top of it all. A charming look at an adult Harry and Draco.


Hot and Cold

H/D, NC-17

The night is much too muggy for sex, and Draco wastes no time making that clear. A perfect example of how Willy takes what could be a stereotypical PWP and layers it into something much deeper. I love where this plot goes, as well as how HOT things get. *fans self* Whooo... Willy, you write hawt secks.


The Infinite Space Between

H/D, R

Draco readies the Manor for a final post-war clean-up. This is a personal favorite of mine from Willy's ficlist... I just love the silky way she flits through Draco's mind, dealing with just about everything, including the not-entirely-bothersome fact that the person helping put the Manor to rights is none other than Harry Potter. It's as if Draco can't decide what would make him happy, or even if he wants to be happy anymore.


Not To Be Repeated

H/D, R

Draco's reasons for who he has become remain as they always have: intimate, cherished, and his. There are so many reasons to love this story. The perfectly simple way Draco looks at the people around him and at himself... The way the secret cannot be kept from the reader, despite Draco's best efforts... What Willy has done with Neville. This is just one of the stories where she juggles this particular unrequited love. There's a pain here that goes unspoken, but is clearly understood and respected by Draco. Such a tenuous moment, a fragility... I'm rambling. But Draco seems to know how lucky he is.


Last but not least, A Place Beyond Peace

H/D, R (2 parts)

Sometimes when the end comes, expecting it doesn't help face it. A muted story about the preparation for loss. The pain here is wholly understated, and masterfully portrayed. I admire stories where characters are forced to make hard choices. It defines them, makes them human, and makes them into sympathetic characters. This story doesn't apologize for where it goes, and I respect that as well.


Not enough Willow for you? I thought not. ^_^ You can find the rest of her H/D fics HERE. It's Celebrate Willow Day on Ru's journal!
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It's a rec day! My choice of recs today is... SILENTAUROR. It's Celebrate Auror day!

[ profile] silentauror is one of the most prolific fic writers I know of. There is rarely a week when she hasn't graced us with one (sometimes two) of her creations. She goes for H/D most of the time, but also dabbles in some Seamus/Blaise, and is a decided Snarry fan as well. I find myself most in awe of her tension-building abilities when it comes to the boys: whether it's funny under-the-table shenanigans at a restaurant, the weighty thud of a club beat, or the quiet depression of what is unspoken between two friends, SilentAuror digs her nails in and can be quite relentless with the mood. I have come to appreciate the quickening of my heart and the uncontrollable desperation I feel, even before I realize exactly what Auror has done to make me feel this way.

On to the recs. (No disclaimers or warnings here. Check them out before you dive in.)

The Auror-list:

Agnus Dei

H/D, rated R

Post-Hogwarts. Harry and Draco work together as Aurors, while finding the little comforts of life outside of the secular. My favorite of SilentAuror's stories, and very high up on my list of all-time fandom faves. The friendship between Harry and Draco here... I have experienced this sort of friendship and it is just amazing how she crafts their interaction: the closeness, the comfort, the sheer need... and the decision of when to pull away.


Road Rage

H/D, rated NC-17

Harry is experiencing difficulties because of a traffic jam. Short, very sweet, but with such a tone of panic, as if the whole thing will suddenly fall apart. A wonderful example of how to craft a story around the small issues that mask the bigger ones. This really is a turning point fic. One misstep, and it would all fall away.


Someone Like You

Seamus/Blaise, rated PG

Seamus is about ready for a commitment, provided someone else is up for the challenge. I just had to stick this one on my list. I simply adore the pairing, and Auror does such a nice, gentle job with a fun scene. But it's also the things that are hinted at with a certain other couple that bring the grins. (A companion to another story, Black Tie Formal.)


The Beautiful Stranger series

Beautiful Stranger
Beautifully Familiar
Always and Forever

H/D, rated NC-17, AU

What if Draco had gone to Durmstrang instead? Harry's trip to a club for Hermione's birthday leads to a meeting made in OTP-heaven. I love Harry in this. So pensive and curious, leaping headlong into something before considering all ends. And then the interplay between the two of them is lovely because of Draco’s motivation. The trust and tentative nature of this series is wonderful. *coughcontinuethisAurorpleasecough*



H/D, rated R

The capture of the Malfoy family does not go as planned. A wonderful safe house fic, with Harry and Draco at odds over the ghosts of a past they won't discuss. Draco’s plight is very visceral and real. You completely understand what he’s going through. And Harry… He refuses to back down, to acquiesce. Because he knows he is right. Trouble is, they are both right.


And finally...


H/D, rated R

The Slytherins go clubbing every night, and Harry wants to know: Why can't the Gryffindors come, just this once? This might very well be my favorite club-fic. The pictures Auror paints of Draco and Blaise in particular are enticing, jaw-dropping, and jealousy-inducing. No wonder Harry is troubled. ^_^


So, there are my picks of the Auror-list. She's also got a couple WIPs that I haven't had a chance to read yet. For the rest of her (numerous numerous numerous) fics, visit her Skyehawke page HERE. It's Celebrate SilentAuror Day on Ru's lj!
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Rec day! My choice for today is... FIRE ELEMENTAL. It's Celebrate Fire day!

[ profile] fireelemental79: She's my boo. Oh lordy, is she ever. I can trace it back to that semester when we had EVERY. DAMN. CLASS. TOGETHER. So we figured, why fight what's meant to be? ^_^ The girl can write. She's got the training; I should know, I saw her get it. She's got a morbid, dirty gutter-streak a mile wide, and she interprets things so differently from what I expect her to do that she always surprises me. Fire's style is unique, with a dash of the snark she's known for and a dollop of the devilish sense of humor I have come to love. She takes Draco and Harry and just... plays with them to her heart's content (and ours), and what results from it all is a sometimes extremely giggly, sometimes very frightening, but always guh-worthy read.

So. The Fire-list.

(Not disclaiming. Check out Fire's notes on her stories.)

I shall start you off with the cream of the crop, His Last Days

H/D, R so far (WIP, 15 chs.)

Harry has been captured by the last person he ever wanted to see again. But dark cells and unseen cellmates have a way of making the ghosts come out. This story, though begun before HBP, actually fits the new canon so well my jawed dropped after finishing the new book. Fire's talent for the macabre is at its height here. A lyrical, eerie look at what wartime does to people. Draco is frightening and wraithlike, Harry is dreamless but dreaming, and the suffering is handled deftly and unapologetically. Disturbing, beautiful.


Once Upon a Prophylactic

H/D, R

Draco must face up to life as a Muggle, even if it's only for a week. But what a hard week! If the title doesn't get you to read this fic, then nothing I can say here will. Absolutely hilarious. This was Fire's entry in my Safe Sex Challenge. A prime example of how her Draco wiggles his way into your heart forever. And Harry is nicely sweet and petulantly stubborn. Watch for the making-new-friends-in-the-store scene.


Broomsticks and Bobbing Knobs and the sequel, Yippi-Ki-Ay, Says the Blond-Haired Cowboy

Both H/D, both NC-17

A Quidditch accident and a handy new interest in photography lead to dirty things for Harry and Draco. Broomsticks was the first H/D Fire ever wrote, and she entered the fandom with a delightful -- and HAWT -- salute to smut. The first example of her new term "Pornady," these fics are deliciously full of Draco's snark and Harry's craftiness. Or... is it Harry's snark and Draco's craftiness? At any rate, leather chaps, Muggle toys, and the lurvely Creeveys make a memorable appearance.


In preparation for Halloween, I must send you here as well:

The Horror Nigh and Survival Strategies

Original fiction, R and PG-13 respectively

I had the marvelous chance to be a part of her editing process for these two in school. The first is a very twisted fairytale, the second a stunningly claustrophobic look at having too much on your mind while taking a horror films class. If you have read any of the original old fairytales or seen The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, you will love these. Neil Gaiman's influence here, as well as horror theory and a wicked talent for storytelling. Take a look.


If you desire more of Teh Fire, the rest of her fics are HERE, at her website, or read her Eros Affair entry. It's Celebrate Fire Day on Ru's journal!
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Oh, it's a rec day! Bwahahahahaaaaaa... And my rec choice for today is... COFFEEJUNKII. It's Celebrate Coffee Day!

[ profile] coffeejunkii is, I believe, one of the most underappreciated fic writers I know. She's fairly calm, a little quiet, without the most ostentatious lj, but of course, no one buries treasure in obvious places. Aside from the time and effort she puts into her fics (and the time and effort I cajole out of her for help on my fics ^_~), she is constantly turning out gorgeous and introspective writing. She claims to have a bad relationship with description, but her writing shows that when all is said and done, this couldn't be further from the truth. The way she wraps me around her little finger while reading, the marvelous, thoughtful characterisations, and the dialogue, my gawd the dialogue... *puts balm on heart*

Without further ado, the Coffee List.

(Wow. Still not disclaiming a thing. Read intelligently.)

First up, the stunning Seven Days

H/D, NC-17 (prologue & seven chapters)

The most desperate -- and costly -- rescue Harry will ever make results in seven days stowed away on a ship with the man he loves. But he is forced to wonder if he really knows him. This. Is. ASTOUNDING. I can't get over how much this fic effected me. Draco is somber and heartbreaking, Harry guilt-ridden and hopeless, and the intimacy... *swoons*



H/D, PG-13, Mpreg (6 chapters WIP)
Prequel one-shot here.

On the run from the Ministry for a crime they didn't commit, Harry and Draco have a little more to deal with than just each other. I love this fic. It's work-in-progress. Quiet, tense, sweet and enjoyable, this fic takes its time getting at the people involved and the problems they face in the world they live in, and in each other.


The Broken Glass series

H/D, three PG-13 and one NC-17 (4 parts, WIP)

The war has been won, but not without a price. Now Draco wonders how long he should wait before calling an end to their suffering. This series is equally touching and heartbreaking. Draco's pain is so beautifully rendered, but also his steadfast determination and patience. Read this, you won't regret any of it.



H/D, NC-17 PWP

Draco's afraid of commitment and Harry's... well, Harry. In the best way. ^_^ My favorite fic of Coffee's. From the first sentence to the last, this story grips hard and carries you along all the way to its... climax.


Now, if this dose of sweet caffeine hasn't done the trick yet, go visit Coffee's lj and the rest of her fics HERE. It's Celebrate Coffee Day on Ru's journal!
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Alrighty. While I work on my current stories, I am revitalizing rec days.

My rec choice of the day is... SHIKISHI. It's Celebrate Shik Day!

[ profile] shikishi is one of the quieter people I know from LJ, but also one of the nicest. She strikes me as a thoughtful, introspective person, with a dazzling talent for "saying" the unsaid. In her writing, she conveys emotion through action, through what is seen, what is thought, and she gets at what is felt without ever telling the reader how she wants the story to be read. It's a rare talent, one I admire. I have finally gotten to know her a little better, and I am very happy to have done so.

My Shikishi recs are as follows (and I am not disclaiming things here, so keep a look out at the links)...


H/D, rated G

Rain makes for ansty Harry. This is such a sweet ficlet. Short, infused with the rain in the story. I can picture the lowering sky, the lazy quiet inside, the contentment with just being. Very heartfelt and tender.



H/D, rated PG

Draco contemplates his world. This fic gradually lets you in, as if you are becoming aware right along with Draco. The use of color and metaphor is fantastic, and the overall tone is gently sorrowful underneath the lovely snippets of humor. I love the boys in this one. Each of them has such a soft touch.


Trust is the First Step

H/D, rated hard R/NC-17

Draco can be quite creative when he teases. The tone is soft and sweet with a lolling rhythm echoed by what the boys are up to. Harry is sensuous and touching in his uncertainty, and Draco is equally sexy and moving in what he does. The trust issue, I am realizing, applies to both of them.


Je t'aime aussi

H/D, rated R

Draco always, with Harry, speaks in French when he comes, just in case the pillow isn’t enough. This is my favorite of Shik's fics for many reasons. Oh, Draco in this fic... His actions tell the real story, and Shik is SO GOOD at this. This story works incredibly well as a single shot in time, a piece of a much larger, more painful whole. Absolutely gorgeous.


And now I leave you with something funny...

How to Mess it All Up and Still Blame Potter

H/D, rated hard R

Scratching's no fun when you're all alone. This is certainly one of the more original fics I have ever read. At times, it threatens to leap right over into the ridiculous, and the resulting ride is GREAT. Snape is wonderful. The progression of events is quite funny... and eerily understandable. How can something so gross be so HOT?? *gleeee* Lurvely.


So that's my Shik-List. But she has lots more here. Pay a visit, drop a line, check out the writing of this friendly lady. It's Celebrate Shik Day on Ru's lj!
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Heh. And I'm not talking about daisy dukes, either! My rec choice for today is... TIPGARDNER. It's Celebrate Tip Day!

Haven't done one of these in a while, what with school, but I must doff my hat to [ profile] tipgardner. He's a bloke from South Ken, and a very nice one at that. He has a decided knack for short fiction: drabbles, ficlets, poetry, etc, and he has several pairings to choose from, but because I am so amorous about H/D, I am going to focus on his fic in that pairing. It's a rare writer who can portray so much in such a short space as a drabble or ficlet affords, yet Tip always manages to sweep me away with his strings of sentences and fantastic imagery.

The Tipgardner List.

(No disclaimers here. Check Tip's disclaimers per story)


Sex in Your Violence

H/D, rated R

There are ways to win, and then there are ways to win. This triple drabble is a great example of the fairytale's grace Tip's writing has: delicate, almost dreamy, as if one is being told a story on the edge of sleep. It flows smoother than silk from one part to the next, and the ending... killer.


The Chamber of Secrets

H/D, rated PG with underlying harder themes.

The ultimate moment comes in a haze of half-knowns for Harry. Oh, this one is lovely because everyone knows what is being discussed here, yet it remains so gracefully oblivious to itself, so absorbed in the existential moment. Different than the writing style I often associate with Tip's, and equally lovely.


"It's Not What You Think!"

H/D, rated PG-13

Harry's got a problem in the eyes of his friends. This one lingers around the edge between darkness and light, and threatens to spill over either way time and time again. Dreaminess again, accompanied by a certain uneasy comfort with the material.


The Despair of Hope

H/D, rated R

Perhaps there is a time when defeat and death only matter as much as life does. Easily the saddest fic I have read of Tip's, and the marvelous thing is, you don't know exactly which area of emotion you are dealing with until the end. Again, I feel like I am listening to a lilting storyteller here, being taken for a swooping and multi-sensory ride.


To See a Star Clearly

Draco-centric, rated PG

The drum. This is the pervading image, a slow steady beat in one's ear as one reads. It's there from start to finish, like an oppressive sinister heartbeat pulsing blood through the veins of the fic. I am reminded of the death drumming from a Black Plague era novel. The approach of something unknown, and feared because of that vague darkness. Draco here has the feel of one who is passing the hours of waiting by trying to settle himself into a less confusing time, when everything was clear and the drumbeat went unnoticed.


Draco Aside

H/D, rated R (link gets you to all three chapters)

Draco's dealing with some new emotional attachments for a certain someone and fighting them as well as he is able. One of Tip's longer fics, and WIP as far as I know. I love Draco in this: Tip addresses the most prominent part of Draco's personality with grace and a certain amount of contemplation -- his spoiled selfishness. No apologies here for our darling of Slytherin, for which I am very glad.


Reunions Will Do That To You Part 1 (no pairing) ~~ Part 2 (H/D)

Rated G

On Harry Potter's To-Do list for today: revisit friends and attempt to be sociable. I love this gentle portrayal of Harry's journey back into the living twenty years after the conclusion of the war. He is so regretful, yet so afraid... and his realization during these two fics come directly from the heart in so many ways. In a sense, he learns to live again.


And last but not least, I leave you with this joyful drabble-response to a titillating story by Opiumcoffeebean...

So Many Words, So Little Time... (my title)

H/D, absolutely-positively-no-questions-asked rated NC-17

All I can say is... I laughed my ASS off.


So those are my picks from the Tipgardner list! If you want to read more of his stuff, go HERE and enjoy yourself thoroughly.

It's Celebrate Tipgardner Day on Ru's journal!
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Recs! My rec choice for today is... CURIO. It's Celebrate Monkey Day!

Ah, [ profile] curi_oh. Good lord, this girl has such a quirky sense of humor! She always manages to get a chuckle out of me, both with her fics and with her comments and posts. And speaking of fics... I had the hardest time choosing what to rec from her lj today. This is because she has such a huge plethora of good work! Annnnd... in many many many different ships! So. Here goes.

The Curio List.

(Not disclaiming anything here. Check her disclaimers)

***Just a note: Curio has most (if not all) of her work friend-locked. So if these links do not get you there, my apologies. :(

Let's do a bit of Draco/Ron, first off...

Kiss the Weasel

R/D, rated NC-17

Ron hates Draco... right? I really like how Draco is portrayed in this fic. His dialogue is just so... Draco. The way the two characters talk throughout is marvelous and refreshing, and really gave me a soft spot for this fic.


Now some Ron/Neville

A Jailed Visit

R/N, rated R

Azkaban holds a bit of everyone's past, like it or not. Once again, Curio has captured a character's voice and attitude perfectly. I adore Ron in this. This fic has such anxiety just below the surface, topped with such tenderness. Watch for an eerie appearance by a certain Slytherin...


And now, H/D, because it is my favorite ship:


H/D, rated R

Harry has lost someone and he can't let go. Oh, OUCH. This fic hurts. The pain here is tangible, but the worst part is, you cannot call it OOC at all. As much as you would like to... *sniff*



Race Me

H/D, rated NC-17

Trust someone who hates Muggles to find a new use for an old toy. Curio wrote this for the Flick My Switch Challenge. The prompt was H/D pr0n with a battery powered toy... but she really took the cake with originality! I will never look at remote control cars the same way again.


Two Very Harry Birthdays...

Happy Birthday, Potter (H/D, rated PG-13)

It's Harry's birthday! Time for presents. I love drunk Harry in this one. The furtiveness is so cute and heart warming.


Bottom (H/D, rated NC-17)

Ooh, cranky present giver. This one is Teh Hot.


And now, because Curio is the Drabble Queen, Here is a list of my favorites. THESE ARE NOT CONNECTED TO EACH OTHER. All H/D

Anticipation (rated R)
Marked As My Own (rated PG-13)
Deeper (rated NC-17)
Time For More (rated G) *squees* She wrote this one for meeeee!
Draco First (rated NC-17)
Words of Want (rated NC-17) ...and it rhymes, too!
and finally Holding Tight (rated R) Last line, baby, last line. *wipes forehead*


So! The Curio List! Hope you all enjoyed as much as I did. It's Celebrate Teh Curio Day on Ru's lj!
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Recs! My choice tonight for recs is... KAALEE. It's Celebrate Kaalee Day!

[ profile] kaalee is one of those writers who can oscillate between ships and characters. I don't know her all that well yet, but I love her stories for the differences in feel and tone, as well as her ability to hint at back-stories and future events in such a way that she captures the reader's attention completely and draws him or her deeply into the story. I recommend, even if you are strictly an H/D shipper, that you give some of her fics outside that ship a go. You won't regret it.

The Kaalee-list.

(Not putting the disclaimers here. Read them before you read the fics)

First, some lovely H/D


H/D, PG-13

Harry's on edge, and nothing Draco does will help. Oh, this fic is... entrenched in beauty. It moves as smoothly and quietly as the snow falling outside Harry's house. This... this is the relationship I love. One of my two favorite fics by Kaalee.


A different ship...


D/R, NC-17

Ron has a new life, a new exercise routine... and a new boss. Now, I am not a D/R shipper. But I loved this. There is so much here: so much past, so much emotion... The way Ron's life is detailed, past and present, is so careful. It's like an old wound that will not quite close.


Back to H/D



Life is a series of tests for everyone. This fic is bittersweet and haunting. So much is left unsaid, yet the words are there. Harry and Draco's relationship is so tentative.


Now some H and R...

Doing It Right

H/R, PG-13

Preparations are hard work, especially for the most uncertain of moments. The aspect of this fic that I love is that you don't really know what all the preparing is for until the very end. It sits in the back of your mind, gaining ground slowly, and then... perfect.


And finally...


H/D, NC-17... *warning: this fic is incredibly dark*

Harry steals into Draco's room at night. Oh my god, this fic is terrifying. My other favorite of Kaalee's fics. It is woven like a dream, surreal, captivating... You can't look away. The eeriness of Harry and otherworldliness of Draco is postively mesmerizing. Like a tableau painted in silence. Watch for night 13.


So! Consider yourself Kaalee-d! For more from her and her many ships, click here. It's Celebrate Kaalee Day on Ru's journal!
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Okay, because I got an A on my latest Japanese test, and because I just read a lovely story from one of my classmates, and because I think we all need a good laugh right about now, IT'S TIME FOR FUNNY-FIC RECS!!

These are my favorites of the humorous fics I have read in the Harry Potter fandom. The ones that made me chuckle constantly. The ones that made me snarf water up my nose. The ones that worried me because I had to laugh late at night when my father was sleeping in the next room and I was afraid I would wake him with my guffawing.


(Disclaimers on the stories themselves, not here. Make sure you read them.)

And I recommend no spew-able food- or drink-type things, or your computer might bite it...

First off, let's go with an all-around goody.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in Fifteen Minutes by Cleolinda

Rated PG-13

Basically, what the title says. An absolutely hilarious parody of the latest HP movie. Everything's here: ships, people, fans, and SPOILERS GALORE. If you have not yet seen the movie, DO NOT READ THIS. It will be utterly spoiled, and you won't get half the jokes anyway.


And now, High Maintenance by Moni Sparklespiff, 6 chapters so far.

H/D, rated PG-13

Draco is poor. Draco needs things. Draco is willing to seduce the second-richest student in Hogwarts in order to accomplish this. There's only one problem - it's Harry Potter. Lordy, this fic is a kick! The caricatures of each of our well-loved characters are so funny! Watch for Ron's lack of inner monologue, and Crabbe and Goyle's brief but memorable appearance. And Blaise... good Lord, Blaise...


A couple from Chrystal ([ profile] dracorocksmysox)...

Groceries H/D, rated NC-17 (a re-post, but hell, I am still laughing...)

and Diabolical Donuts, Pernicious Pies, and Evil Banking H/D, rated R

Diabolical Donuts has Draco raising money... by holding a "Quick, buy me, I'm sexy" auction! Giggles abound with this fic... Basically everyone makes an appearance, in some way, shape, or form. Keep an eye out for Lucius and Narcissa. Quite a joy.


One of my favorites for absolute ludicrous-ness... (is that even a word?)

The Talk, or, Mortification by Youngblood

Rated PG-13

It seems that it is high time Harry got a dose of sex-ed. This fic had me in stitches. Not going to say much else, except that the ending imagery... is PRICELESS.


Draco Malfoy and the Supersonic Super Sexy Mind-Rays of Destiny by [ profile] stellabelle

H/D, rated PG-13-ish

Draco's birthday sheds a whole new light on things... This is so cutting and sharp and witty... Draco is marvelous, Draco's friends are a laugh-and-a-half, and Harry is... put-upon. Poor baby.



Extracurricular by Ivy Blossom

A Parody ~~ Mock Two ~~ The Third Movement ~~ The Miriam Webster Edition (Unabridged)

H/D, rated R

The world is going to end. Luckily, Dumbledore has discovered a way for Harry and Draco to... ahem... save it. This is the fic that inspired me to write The Fourth Unforgivable. I ADORE this fic. Makes me laugh harder every time I read it. Just can't get enough... Sadly, it seems that Ivy Blossom has removed herself from the fandom... *sniffle* At least we have this and other wonderful examples of her work to read. She is so awesome!

**if these links do not work, it is probably because you need a PSA (Potter Slash Archive) password. I know they have age restrictions... You will have to check out the site itself**


As a delicious little non-HP finish:

All you LOTR fans out there, do yourself a huge favor and go read The Very Secret Diaries by Cassandra Claire

Rated R for innuendo

Absolutely snarf-worthy. A few spots that may make you uneasy... Oh Lordy, I read these to EVERYONE. Parents, cousins, sister, friends... MAKE SURE YOU READ THEM IN ORDER: FIRST COLUMN TOP TO BOTTOM, THEN ON TO THE NEXT COLUMN. Believe me, they are much funnier this way.

And then do yourself another huge favor and go read the book Bored of the Rings by Harvard Lampoon. Couldn't decide whether to be appalled or immensely tickled by this parody... I have decided it is a little of both. (It would help if you have read the original trilogy first, though...)


Alright! Hope you all got a good floor-roll, or a beverage-snarf, or an insane-wake-up-your-housemates-cackle, or some such whatever. Nighters, all! Sweets dreams. ^_^
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Rec-time! My choice tonight is... NEPENTHE. It's Celebrate Nep Day!

Nepenthe, otherwise known as [ profile] si_ta, constantly amazes me by how deeply into her projects she gets. The way she gets so happy about her Sims HP characters turning out just right, or the hard work and attention she puts into her fic drafts. She is soooo sweet. On top of that, she writes (beautifully, I might add) very intriguing fic. Her interpretation of Luna Lovegood is always spot-on, and she is probably the only person I know right now who understands that character completely.

So. The Nepenthe-list.

(and yeah, read the disclaimers above the stories themselves.)

First up, Just Another Recollection


H/D, rated PG-13 to NC-17

Draco gets a rather rude awakening... again... and again... and again. Based on 50 First Dates. This fic is so wonderful in that though everything may not always come up roses, there certainly are other flowers to be had. I love the sad dwelling attachment of Harry, and the resigned compassion of Draco. Such a bittersweet fic... just perfect.


Two ficlets:

All of It, H/D, rated G

Sleepless, H/D, rated PG

What I like about these two is the simplicity. Just little scenes out of a bigger picture, but with all the background of that longer story. Nep manages to pack a lot of emotion into each. You may feel the need to hug Draco at the end of these, and comfort Harry.


And now, my favorite of Nep's fics...

Classic Stigma (WIP)


H/D, rated PG-13

The war is over and Harry can live at last. But some secrets never quite fade away, and one of them may be more than Draco can handle. OMG this fic is stunning! Harry is so outwardly strong and inwardly fragile. His battle with himself is beautifully rendered. Draco acts on impulse and with loving intentions, yet he is wonderfully imperfect. And Luna. Oh god, LUNA. Marvelous. AND I BELIEVE THIS WAS NEP'S FIRST HP FIC! I adore it. Worth several re-reads.


And there you have it: the Nepenthe-List! Keep an eye on her journal for her future chapters and fics, because she is definitely one to watch. It's Celebrate Nepenthe Day on Ru's lj!


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