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More World Traveler updates...

1) New fics:
1 in Egypt
1 in Russia
1 in USA

Echo Through the Hills has been moved from Multiple Countries and put in a new country section, Swaziland.

Updates for me? New fics? Please comment on The Original Fic Search with title, link, author, and country. ^_^
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Hi there! A couple things...

1) There is now an interactive map on the World Travelers List which shows all the countries on the list! *is very excited* I will add to it as more country sections come in.

2) This poll is still open. Come and vote on WT List issues. I'd love your input!

3) Fic additions:
1 fic, Australia
1 fic, Germany
1 fic, Italy
2 fics, USA
2 fics, Multiple Countries


If you have any fic recs you'd like added to this list, please read the original fic search and comment there with the title, the link, and the country involved. Thank you!
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Recently a fic reccer brought to my attention the fact that there are many fics that take place in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, all considered part of Great Britain, and that these fics are sometimes significantly unique to the area in which they take place. This reccer therefore suggested adding a new section to the World Travelers List for these situations.

I am tempted, because goodness knows, countries contain many, many unique differences within themselves, depending on the region. But I also foresee possible issues in that there are many countries in the world with disputed boundaries, and I would have to accommodate all of those possible country fics as well. Similarly, the USA has 50 states, and I know that each one has its own particularities, but I don't think it's realistic to have a separate section for each state.

But I have decided to see what everyone else thinks about this. This poll is open to all voters, but only I will be able to see the answers. I'm also going to screen comments, so if you would like to explain your position, feel free to do so.


[Poll #1410768]

Thank you!
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Okay, so. Finally ransacked my older links and lj comments and posts... Here's another update to the H/D World Travelers list. Man, the country section tally went UP! Yay, everybody! And thanks to everyone who is searching out new links for the ones that are broken. I really appreciate it.

The newest additions are as follows:

1 new fic in the Italy section.

3 new country sections with 1 fic each: Montenegro, Russia, and Switzerland.

Again, you guys rock. Thanks for helping me add to this list! Any stories you know of that fit these requirements, please feel free to comment. ^__^
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On the thread of updating the World Traveler's List, I am hoping you lovely people can help me out. I just did a link check on my list, and I've found quite a few dead links to stories that I would love to keep on the list.

If anyone knows where the fics listed below are, please link me?

Fics with dead links, listed by country section... )


Thank you so much!
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Five more updates to the World Traveler's List... I am working my way through the bunch, so there may be more in the next few days. ALSO: anyone with links to send me that fit the original set of rules, please feel free to comment! ^_^

New fic count:

1 new fic in the Netherlands section

3 new country sections with one fic each: Greenland, Japan, and South Africa

ETA: 1 new fic in the Australia section and link to ficlets in the Seven Days in June universe added to Austria section

I'm sorry for all the time between updates. I sort of have my links saved to different computers, so it will take me a little time to locate the other stories I wanted to add.
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Five new fics added to the H/D World Travelers List!!!

~1 new country section: Puerto Rico (I'm giving it its own section, as it is a self-governing commonwealth)
~1 new fic in the Germany section
~1 new fic in the U.S. section
~2 new fics in the Multiple Countries section

QUESTIONS FOR MY F-LIST: Does anyone have a link to Raider of My Heart? The link I had was to the Hex Files, but now I can't find the story.

Also: I know there were a whole bunch of fic exchanges this winter, as usual. I got two of the new fics from one of them, but if there are any other appropriate stories from these exchanges, please let me know! I would like to include them.

Again, always taking more story links! If you have any links that MEET THE REQUIREMENTS AND ARE NOT ALREADY ON THE LIST , please leave me a comment here or on the list post itself. Thank you!
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Eight new fics added to the H/D World Travelers List!!!

I added two standalone stories, as well as several of the [ profile] hd_365 vacation prompt ficlets to the appropriate sections of the list. About the hd_365 additions... )

~1 new country section: Bermuda
~1 new fic in the France section
~1 new fic in the Spain section
~3 new fics in the U.S. section
~2 new fics in the Multiple Countries section

QUESTION FOR MY F-LIST: Does anyone have a link to where Ruby Moth's fics are anymore? I know she left the fandom, but I heard she had left her fics up on at least one site, and I'd like to include one of them in this list. ETA: Found. ^_^

Again: always taking more story links! If you have any links that MEET THE REQUIREMENTS AND ARE NOT ALREADY ON THE LIST , please leave me a comment here or on the list post itself. Thanks!
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Another new update to the H/D World Travelers List:

Never Turn Your Back on Me by [ profile] goth_clark has been added to the U.S.A. section.

Once again, this fic list is ALWAYS open for additions. If you have a fic in mind that is not already on the list, and fits these parameters, please leave me a comment and a link!
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New update to the H/D World Travelers List:

None But the Brave Deserves the Fair by [ profile] cutecoati has been added to the Germany section.

Once again, this fic list is ALWAYS open for additions. If you have a fic in mind that is not already on the list, and fits these parameters, please leave me a comment and a link!
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Thing one:

[ profile] ebony_tears did this BEAUTIFUL picture for the second chapter of my story Valentine's in Five. It really is stunning. I can't pimp it enough, and I can't thank HER enough, and and and-- *overloads*

Thing two:

Just added a new story to the Spain section of my H/D World Travelers List; the story is Dreaming in Madrid.

Thing three:

Got some Gmail invites. Who wants 'em?

Thing four:

Gonna watch John Stewart tonight. Hoo boy. *is happeeeeee*
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UPDATE: I have just added several links to the H/D World Travelers List:

New sections: Morocco and Republic of Maldives (1 story each)
New story: follow-up ficlet to Malfoy, P.I., in the USA section.

Again, this list is always being added to. Send me your links at the bottom of the list and I will get them up in the appropriate place.
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And now presenting...


World Travelers

H/D list

Ahoy, world traveler! This is a list of fics featuring a main pairing of Harry/Draco, and taking place in countries other than the UK.

Harry and Draco: World Travelers )
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Another fic search! This one's a bit different though.

Having recently read Momenti Diversi by [ profile] zarah5, I have yet again realized that one of my favorite premises for H/D is the fic that is set in another country. So I have decided to compile a list, sorted by country and then alphabetically, of all the fics of this genre.

If you have a favorite fic like this, I WOULD LOVE YOUR INPUT. (Self-pimping is also welcome. ^_~)

But. There are some rules.

First off, these can be one-shots, completed chapters fics, drabbles, WIPS... I don't care. Length is not the issue.

Second, I would love for the setting to play more of a role in the story than just a city/country name on a page.

Third, multiple countries are fine. For instance, something like Paris by [ profile] abbycadabra, wherein the character's rove quite a bit, is fine. But the story must take place primarily in a different country than England. Therefore, while [ profile] emmagrant01's Left My Heart works rather well, the sequel Surrender the Grey does not qualify.

Fourth: The fics must ALL be H/D or have H/D in them as a prominent pairing. No exceptions. If you have fics with other pairings that fit this category, go ahead and link if you must, but just know that they will not be going on this particular list.

Fifth: Time period is not an issue either. They can take place during school, after school, post-war, when Harry and Draco are 214 years old living off social security... I don't care. I do not do chan, though. As this will be my list, I reserve the right not to put chan on it. I'm going to have to be firm about this one.

Sixth: I admit to being a little... undecided over fics such as Seven Days by [ profile] coffeejunkii, which take place in a setting other than England, but not in a different country per se. Most likely, fics like this will not go on the list, but I need to puzzle over it for a bit. Go ahead and link; they may end up getting their own category. ETA: These types of fics HAVE INDEED received their own category, so do not hesitate to link!

FORMAT: It would help me a great deal if you could provide me with the

and Rating

when you link. If you do not know those things or don't have time to list them right now, then the simple link is fine. My emphasis is on getting these stories together. I can find out the details on my own if I need to. ^_^

ETA: (This section will be updated as new issues arise.)
~If you would like to use this as a challenge to write a different-country H/D fic, please be my guest!!!
~AU fics are just fine.

Thank you so much for helping me out with this! It is greatly appreciated, and I will work on getting the final list up in a couple of weeks.


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