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And a long time coming they are!

Okay, so. Now joining The Fandom Zompocalypse Fic & Art List, we have:

~ 4 new fandom sections (!!!!): Avengers (fic & art), Inception (fic & art), Top Gear (fic) & The Walking Dead (fic list)

~ new community/list links sections for the Harry Potter and Supernatural RPF fandoms

~ new fic links (1 in Merlin BBC, 2 in Dawn of the Dead)

Holy crap. KEEP IT COMING, PEOPLE. (To submit fics/art/etc for this list, please go HERE and follow the submission instructions.)
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Now presenting...

The Fandom Zompocalypse Fic and Art List!!!!! )

More epub!

Oct. 30th, 2011 11:37 pm
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[ profile] snottygrrl has added mobi and epub versions of Don't Call Me Back on her community, [ profile] pressipice, just in time for Halloween! *cheers*

If you want to follow Pressipice on twitter, the account is @pressipice. ^__^
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Hey all Zombie Quiz takers!

Thanks to the wonderful [ profile] bluelittlepig, the banners now have coding so that you can paste them into your lj directly. The coding is located beneath each banner picture, and when pasted, will link directly to the quiz itself. Go HERE to retrieve your new and improved banner.

Thanks again, everyone, for taking the quiz!
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Remember that quiz, "Which Zombie Attack Would YOU Survive?" a while back? Well. I finally got my lazy arse in gear and have posted the results!

ETA: Thanks to BlueLittlePig, banners now have cut-and-paste codes for your lj pleasure!

Check out the banners! )
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*snort* No, this is not the zombie musical that was discussed by a certain hilarious member of my f-list. Nor does it involve necrophilia, unless you happen to take your interpretation a little further than most. FireElemental, darling? You couldn't pick a better favorite movie than this one.

Plus, in light of the upcoming zombie-quiz results (which I have been BAD about posting! *cringe*), I figured I'd get everyone back into the mindset. ^_~

Title: The Closet
Author: me
Pairing/Fandom: Peter/Roger, Dawn of the Dead (1978)
Rating: let's go with light R
Summary: He had a day or two. A day and a day, and there was nothing to build within that.
Warnings: SPOILERS for the film, impending character death, zombie sensibilities, and remember this is based on a horror film about walking dead people; thus you have been warned.
Dedicated to FireElemental79, who asked me for this long ago. Alas, the bunny itself took its sweet time nibbling on me (*snerk* nibbling...). Okay, okay. On with the zombie.

Also posted on AO3.

The Closet )
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Just a quick update on the Zombie Quiz status.

No, I haven't forgotten it. ^_^ I actually just finished tabulating all the results. [ profile] fireelemental79 is working hard at making banners for me, and then I will have some results for you! I was very interested (and happy) to see that on several questions, there was almost a universal response from everyone! *cheers*

For those of you who are coming in a little late, I'm sorry to say that the poll is closed. But thanks to everyone who participated! I had a good time grinning at everyone's answers.
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Hi! If your name is on the following list, please click the lj-cut.

[ profile] allika, [ profile] aluinnsearlait, [ profile] disarming_smile, [ profile] dmlar, [ profile] flamewarrior, [ profile] grayout, [ profile] icyaurora8, [ profile] icykins, [ profile] issahime, [ profile] kilikapele, [ profile] lethereality, [ profile] phanphorever, [ profile] quirkerstein, [ profile] rowanwhimsey, and [ profile] squeezle_mail...

Click here. )
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In celebration of the fact that I have finished my hd_holidays fic, I present to you all...


Note that there are 17 questions total, posted across two polls. Please answer all the questions, or your results will be skewed! This means you will have to hit two submission buttons. I will start calculating results in about a week. ^_^

[Poll #994376]

[Poll #994377]

Thank you for taking my quiz! And feel free to leave me zombie-related comments. ^_~


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