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Okee. So I'm a gal who digs Harry Potter, CSI, Merlin, Supernatural, Inception, and Highlander waaaaaay too much. I started writing fanfic several years ago, and it is a marvelous past-time, let me tell you. Generally I focus on slash fic.


First off, let it be known that I write copious amounts of slash and such. Obviously, if you have a problem with slash (male/male relationships), you should not be here. I also write a little in the RPS (real person slash) area. But here's the kicker: Some of my stuff is R or NC-17. As a result, I have filtered my NC-17 fics to "Friends only." Of course, I can't ever be certain that everyone who reads my stuff is of the appropriate age. In the end, it's up to you, though I recommend you do not read stuff above your age group. However, should I find out that someone is too young to be reading certain fic, the person will either be filtered or defriended for my peace of mind.

If you like my fic and want to archive it, please let me know. ^__^

I love conversations. They're great. And I like to hear about things that could be done better or if things are offensive to people. But I don't much appreciate wanking on my lj. Try to resist the temptation unless there is a real problem. And another thing: wanking to me on my lj and wanking to others on my lj are completely separate things. The way I see it, if you must bitch at someone, you can go to their own lj and do it there, or find some other way to contact them. And if you can't find a way to contact the person, trust me, it's better just to relax and drop it. It's not worth it. Anyone who is mean to others on my lj will be warned, and then defriended immediately.

More about me:

I just earned my MA in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Tis a cold, austere northern city. I loved it! And the ocean was right there.

I spend a lot of time reading and writing. I love books. Fave authors? H. P. Lovecraft (the guy is just... unfathomable...), Tolkien (I mean really... the ULTIMATE fantasy-man), Brian Jacques (Redwall forever!), and Richard Matheson (gives me the shivers!). My favorite books are by none of these people, however: Witch of Blackbird Pond, Watership Down, World War Z, and Lord of the Flies. Best books you will EVER read.

So. That's me, so far. I have fanfic up at a couple of sites: Archive of Our Own, skyehawke, FicAlley, and HP-OwlPost. Otherwise, I have a healthy (if somewhat obsessive) interest in Japanese Anime and manga. It gets overlooked often, or dismissed as stupid, but a lot of those movies and series have the best plots and characters I have ever come across.

Anyway, much love to all. Cheers!



My plot bunnies usually take this form:

Icon I made:


Please credit me if you use it. ^_^
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