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Dear friends…

This is my official invite to all of you wonderful people who watch my journal, whether it be for my writing, my blogging and/or my company, to come on over to the new journal I’ve set up, [personal profile] gb_lindsey. [personal profile] gb_lindsey is my professional writing blog, and will feature, among other things, information on all of my published work as it appears: novellas, short stories, novels, ebooks… If I write it, you’ll see it up there.

I’ve been working very hard for the past few years to get my career going in writing. I now have a wonderful agent who is helping me to get my work out to the public; I am working on several original pieces at the moment, and looking forward to all of them. These latest steps forward are new, but writing as a career is something I’ve always wanted to do, from the time I was a little girl, and it’s very exciting for me to have reached this stage. I appreciate the incredible support you have given me over the years, all your encouragement and enthusiasm, and would love to see you over there!

(That said, the other big question: will I be leaving fandom as a result? The answer: No. ^____^ Fic may just arrive in bursts a little fewer and further between.)

ETA: Now announcing my Facebook page!

Twitter: @GBLindsey

Thank you all again! *hugs*
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A couple years ago, I asked you wonderful people for help, because a friend of mine was homeless, living out of her car with her husband and three kids, and basically at the end of her rope. I wanted to give you an update and a personal heartfelt thank you to everyone who donated to help them, because it makes me smile from top to bottom: My friend and her husband are now both employed. They have a home. They have a car that works, and the kids are all in school. Everyone is doing well. They are some of the lucky ones, and they couldn't have done it without your help. I can't tell you how amazing it feels to know they are safe and sound. Words cannot express my gratitude to everyone. Thank you.
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Hi, all my folks who have some experience with symbology or tattoos (or both)...

My sister and I are looking to get matching sister tattoos. We are representing both sides of our family: English-Irish and Norwegian. The tattoo design we have in mind at this point incorporates the Viking Vegvisir compass and an Irish sister knot. I just want to check in with people if they know if this is a legit sister symbol in Celtic knotwork. The most prominent ones I have found are this one or variations on the theme.

Another option I like is this one, but I'm leaning toward the three-pronged knot just because I've always liked sharp, defined edges.

Thoughts? Tips?
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I am posting to apologize for a comment I made during Leviosa's Sunday panel on Adversarial Relationships. In response to the topic of canon HP characters currently being re-imagined as people of color and/or marginalized sexual and gender identities, I attempted, poorly, to discuss the ways this might make fandom experience difficult for individuals who use fandom as a way to set aside the weighty societal issues they face every day. I don't remember the exact wording of what I said and won't attempt to recreate it here, but after extensive soul searching and discussion with a close friend, I realize to my shame that my comments were entitled, naive, insensitive, and inappropriate.

The comment was supposed to be about the fans who don't want to view their fandom activities through the lens of social or political justice, who want to leave all of it outside when they go in, for whatever reason. But it definitely didn't come out that way. Instead it sounded as though I think issues of race, identity, and under-representation don't belong in fandom at all. Issues of discrimination in any form belong in the fandom, full stop. They are already there. People's discomfort with such topics is unimportant because discomfort doesn't dictate what must be acknowledged, and also very important because it is this inherent discomfort that must be addressed. It was not my intention to insult anyone, but that doesn't really matter either: as a white cis woman, I had no place making such a point in this way.

I wanted to discuss the importance of fandom as a safe and enjoyable space, which it is for me, but that really is the kicker, isn't it? As long as discrimination and under-representation are ignored in fandom, it isn't a safe and enjoyable space for everyone. The weighty social discussions keep getting shunted aside. We keep fostering ignorance of the problem.

I love fandom and I want it to be a place people want to be a part of. The re-imagining of canon characters is exciting, and the added bonus is that it brings societal discussion easily into the "safe space" fandom has created, rather than allowing it to continue to be viewed as a threat to the fandom experience. The more fans are exposed to something they fear or distrust, the faster they learn that they don't need to fear it, and the faster we bring it back home into everyone's safe space. Which is where it has always belonged anyway.

I made a mistake, and I'm very sorry for my comments. I'm trying not to shy away from these discussions because avoidance is currently the norm, and I don't think it's a good idea to avoid these topics. This dialogue needs to occur so that a lasting and constructive understanding can also occur.

But obviously I need more practice in how I approach the discussion. So I will continue to work at it. Thank you for your patience with me.
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I will be at Leviosa Con in two weeks, running a panel with the lovely and talented [ profile] oldenuf2nb and Cecilia Tan about going from slash fanfic to slash pro-fic! Hope to see some of you there!

(Oh gawd, Las Vegas in the summer. O.o What am I even doing...)
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Okay, so this fic is Getting Finished. I'm so done with this constant waffling, letting the writer's block win. Just so everyone is aware, there is a massive edit going on in preparation to transfer this story over to AO3 in the near future. I am 20 chapters into that. I would love to have the entire thing done by the time I head to Leviosa Con in July (anyone else going to be there? ^_^ ) but that's too optimistic. I'm predicting anywhere from 5 to 7 more chapters, depending on how each one pans out. A rather momentous shift occured recently in regards to one of the characters, which I will talk more about when I get to it, but it could add a little more meat to the story, so, there we are.

Title: The Road (31/?)
Author: rurounihime
Rating: hard R when all is said and done.
Pairing: H/D
Summary: In the midst of a disintegrating war, Harry awaits the arrival of the Order's last hope.
Warning: violence, character death, spoilers for all seven books. This fic is now AU because of Deathly Hallows. At the risk of much silliness, I have discovered that there are apparently DH spoilers in this story from the beginning.
Disclaimer: The HP characters and most of the spellwork do not belong to me.

Previous chapters

Chapter 31: Strategists and Sirens )
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Making the rounds and reposting this fundraiser for my friends in case it was missed the first time.

My friends are still on the job hunt... Any help, job opening advice, or housing tips are welcome!

If you have already helped or are unable to, just passing the word along is great!
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Everyone, I have a friend from my elementary school days whose family is in dire straits. They have been homeless for a couple months now, she, her partner and their three children, living out of their car, which is not in the best shape. They've gone through the official channels, including CPS, and are on multiple housing lists in the Sacramento, CA area, but have had no luck getting housing. Both parents are work-capable, and drugs are not involved. Both Tashina (my friend) and Steven have appealed to their families for help with even just one of the children, and have had no takers. They are now seriously considering putting their children into the foster system.

I've started a gofundme account for them here. Please, anything you can spare will help. Tips on housing in the area, job opportunities, people renting out rooms... I think if they had a home base, they would be able to find their feet again.
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Soooo... I've never done this before. I have a longtime friend who is currently homeless with her husband and three children. They're trying to find the best way to raise money (read: they are not begging for help; I offered) but she is legally blind because she has no money for her prescription and therefore can't work. This also causes problems with her husband leaving to work, as they have the kids to take care of. They have a car but little else in the way of wordly belongings.

I'm just wondering... What is the best way to raise money online for another individual? I'm going to help her with her prescription, but I can only do so much. Are there any reputable sites or third party groups that you guys trust to get the money where it's supposed to go? Somewhere I can set up an account for my friend and her family?

How does this even WORK??
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I know a lot of you have your own websites. I know next to nothing about it but I'd like to put together a website for my professional writing. Does anyone have anything they really recommend or don't recommend? What parts of your website and its features do you love? Not love at all?

I have a blog and a Twitter, so I'd love to be able to connect up to those via my site... Haha, as you can see, I'm a total noob at this. I don't even know the terminology.

Thank you for any assistance you can give me!
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Interesting stuff going on at my professional journal... ^_______^
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That moment when you’re halfway through reading a REALLY GOOD FIC and you realize the themes are heading WAY close to your fic-in-progress and you have to STOP READING until you can finish writing because you don’t want anything to bleed over.
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Now, I love Cas and Dean, don't get me wrong. BUT.

Arthur. And Eames.

This one is SO theirs.

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And a long time coming they are!

Okay, so. Now joining The Fandom Zompocalypse Fic & Art List, we have:

~ 4 new fandom sections (!!!!): Avengers (fic & art), Inception (fic & art), Top Gear (fic) & The Walking Dead (fic list)

~ new community/list links sections for the Harry Potter and Supernatural RPF fandoms

~ new fic links (1 in Merlin BBC, 2 in Dawn of the Dead)

Holy crap. KEEP IT COMING, PEOPLE. (To submit fics/art/etc for this list, please go HERE and follow the submission instructions.)
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I made this.

SHIELD's true purpose is to secretly fund a rugby team protect the world. Yes.

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Title: Shakedown
Author: me
Pairing: Arthur/Eames, original character/original character
Rating: PG
Word count: 2,188
Summary: Once upon a time, there was a daughter. A daughter old enough to date.
Disclaimer: The Inception universe does not belong to me, nor does it make me any money.

A/N: Because the plot bunny was just to good to cage up.

Also posted on AO3.


Shakedown )


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