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Again, I am so late with this...

I'd like to belatedly welcome [ profile] dracofiend to the group of writers who have done such lovely work on my Escape rentboy series. And as expected, she has given us all an absolute gem of a fic. ^_^

You can find all the previous fics HERE.

The latest:

The Struggle by [ profile] dracofiend
(H/D, rated R)
Summary: Draco has offered Harry a place to stay. Harry has taken it.
Notes: This story does not come consecutively after Dacro's most recent fic. We are sort of jumping around in the timeline. This one occurs before The Trap, The Release, and The Search, but after the rest. This is rentboy!fic, and contains implied violence.

READ! READ NOW! *loves*
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I'm sorry it has taken me so long to do this.

[ profile] dacro has recently added a wonderful new story to my Escape universe! *cheers* She has such great ideas... I had to let her play around again, and I am so glad I did.

You can find all the previous fics HERE.

The latest:

The Search by [ profile] dacro
(H/D, rated PG-13)
Summary: After coming face to face with his past, Harry considers making a change that Draco may not be ready for.
My notes: This is rentboy!fic, and contains implied violence.

READ! READ NOW! *loves*
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Oh my gosh.

So, the lovely [ profile] dacro has added her considerable talents to the Escape universe!

Parts 1-4: The Escape by Ru ~ The Capture by Lily ~ The Chase by Ru ~ The Trap by Fire

And NOW.

The Release by Dacro

(H/D, rated PG-13)

Summary: After Draco proves how far he would go to protect Harry, Harry shares the experience of his first night as a prostitute. (Warnings for implied drugs and violence.)

Please read this one if you follow the universe. I love it. I couldn't be happier. I'm so glad she decided to take me up on my plea for her to write. *happy sigh* Such bottled emotion in this fic... I just wanted to hug Harry until he was all better again.
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Bwahaa, my evil plot is starting to take formation! *cackles*

Remember that rentboy!Harry fic I wrote ages ago? Well, I have another one for you in that series.

Title: The Trap
Author: [ profile] fireelemental79
Pairing: H/D
Rating: R
Summary: He wanted to think it was enough that Harry stayed, day after day. That it was enough that the man who lay beside him each night and sat across from him each morning wasn’t an obsession, or some on-call fuck. He was . . . but it wasn’t enough. Draco had to do more.

Links to the previous three stories in this series (you may want to read these to make more sense of the new one):
The Escape by me
The Capture by Lilysunshine
The Chase by me

Notes: Thanks so much to Fire for giving voice to a scene I have wanted to see from the moment Harris came into the picture. *loves* [ profile] dacro, I need to talk to you next about this fic series... ^_^
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Title: The Chase
Author: me
Pairing: H/D
Rating: R
Summary: It was him. Draco saw it in his eyes. They had widened, pupils contracting, taking him back years, and the way they grew suddenly too bright. He had found him at last. In the last place he had ever truly foreseen.

A/N: This is not a sequel, but a companion fic to The Escape (or on skyehawke) and its prequel The Capture (or on skyehawke). This is Draco's POV of the same events. So while the story can technically stand on its own, it makes much, much more sense if you have these other two under your belt.
Read the sequel to all of them, The Trap by FireElemental79 (or on skyehawke). Part 5, The Release by Dacro. NEW: The Search (also by Dacro), and the story that takes place after The Chase: The Struggle by Dracofiend>.

Thanks to Fire, Lilo, and Coffee for the beta.

Disclaimer: The HP characters are not mine. They belong to the Rowling-meister.


The Chase )


Thankee muchly for reading. This one was a long time coming.
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[ profile] lilysunshine1 wrote me a prequel to The Escape! Oh, how I love her. She captured everything I was trying to get across in my story.

Title: The Capture
Author: the amazing [ profile] lilysunshine1
Pairing: H/D
Rating: NC-17
Summary: "The door swung open to reveal pale blond hair, gray eyes, sharp features that shouldn’t be familiar, it had to be someone else, anyone else."

Disclaimer: They belong to Ms. Rowling, not us. Contains slash, prostitution.

The Capture

*currently snogging Lilo, call again later* ;>
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[ profile] devon_may! Here's your fic!

For everyone else, this is a fic I wrote for devon because we got to talking and she mentioned the lack of prostitute!Harry fics, and the fact that she had to write one in order to read one. So, without further ado, I present this...

Title: The Escape
Author: me
Pairing: H/D (duh)
Rating: R
Summary: "And then there was no pain and Harry could lose himself in Draco's mouth and forget that there would be pain afterward when he was gone."

DISCLAIMER: They belong to JK Rowling, not me. Contains SLASH.

Read the prequel, The Capture, by Lilysunshine (or on skyehawke) and Draco's version of events, The Chase (or on skyehawke). Read the sequel to all of them, The Trap by FireElemental79 (or on skyehawke), followed by Part 5, The Release by dacro, and NEW: The Search (also by Dacro), as well as the story that takes place after The Chase: The Struggle by Dracofiend.

The Escape )


Thankee for reading.


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